2010 has been an eventful year in Westminster.

Following the General Election we have the first full coalition Government since 1945 and the first ever power sharing deal between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. There are a record number of women MPs in the House; almost a third of MPs are new to Westminster and the ratio of new Members drawn from private and public sectors has changed dramatically in favour of the private sector … particularly from the finance and consultancy fields.

Press and public interest is frequently diverted from affairs of state to centre on the politics and personalities of Westminster but, despite the news value of crises or personalities, Government is still about commitment and achievement … the real business of Parliament carries on. Debates still take place about the NHS, education, social services, international affairs, the economy and the many other aspects involved in managing the affairs of the UK. It is these, the issues involved in the government of the nation, that are covered by the features in the Parliamentary Yearbook. My appreciation goes out to all the contributors and everyone who has been involved in the book’s production.

I trust that you, the reader, will find much of interest on this website. I am however always anxious to receive feed-back about the content and I should be delighted to hear from any of our readers with any comments or suggestions for improvements.

Parliamentary Yearbook Information Office

David Blake