TV election debates 'will go ahead'
Broadcasters say they will proceed with plans for three TV election debates, despite David Cameron saying he will only take part in one.

End 'failed austerity' say Greens
Green Party leader Natalie Bennett calls for a "peaceful political revolution" at May's election to end the "failed experiment of austerity".

Lobbyists 'delaying Apache contract'
A £1bn British army contract to replace its Apache attack helicopters is being held up due to lobbying by the firm Augusta Westland, say Whitehall insiders.

Labour 'to protect' pensioner income
A Labour government would guarantee free TV licences and bus passes for pensioners and protect the value of the state pension, Ed Miliband says.

Labour urged to rule out SNP deal
Sir John Major says it is "shameful" Labour has not ruled out a coalition with the SNP in the event of a hung Parliament.

Plaid's equal funding for Wales call
Plaid Cymru would demand equal funding for Wales and Scotland in any post-election coalition talks, leader Leanne Wood tells her party conference.

MPs to debate reversing NHS reforms
MPs are to debate a Green Party call to reverse key elements of the government's health reforms.

MP: Commons rules 'waste of time'
A Conservative MP who is standing down at the next election says a lot of the procedural work done by politicians is a "waste of time".

Farage in no personal attacks vow
UKIP leader Nigel Farage says he will "do his best" not to attack his opponents personally during the election campaign.

Green MP calls for SNP alliance
Green Party MP Caroline Lucas calls for a "progressive alliance" with the SNP as her party holds what it says is its largest ever conference.

Migrant population 'up 565,000'
The migrant population of England has risen by 565,000 since 2011, with two-thirds coming from the EU, analysis by the University of Oxford estimates.

UK gifts military kit to Ukraine
The UK is supplying Ukraine £850,000 worth of non-lethal military equipment, including first aid kits and helmets, the government says.

UKIP not probing 'Jihadi John' tweet
UKIP says a candidate who said it was a shame "Jihadi John" had not killed himself will not face disciplinary action and "98% of people" agreed with him.

Drivers get 10-minute parking leeway
Drivers will get 10 minutes' grace before being fined if they stay too long in council-owned car parks in England, the government announces.

New mental health rights proposed
Proposals to give more rights to people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions are unveiled by the government.

DUP warns 'puffed up broadcasters'
The DUP leader warns UK broadcasters not to get "puffed up with your own importance" in the row over TV debates ahead of the general election.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Sturgeon against assisted suicide
The first minister Nicola Sturgeon says she is "not convinced" by new legislation which would allow assisted suicide.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

No backing down on £10,000 pay hike
The body that sets assembly members' pay sticks to its proposals to increase their basic salaries by £10,000.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Councils voice migrant concerns
As new figures reveal the extent of EU migration to the East Midlands, council leaders voice fresh concerns.

Why was Oxford child abuse ignored?
Why were those in power in Oxford unable to spot the vulnerable children who were exploited for sex by a gang of men?

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VIDEO: 'Some way to go' before Welsh vote
Plaid Cymru's leader says there is "some way to go" to a Welsh independence referendum, adding: "We've got a challenge."

VIDEO: English Democrats: No deal with UKIP
Robin Tilbrook said the English Democrats want to see "England as an independent state", with an end to the UK.

VIDEO: Greens 'think welfare system is broken'
A Green MEP says she wants an end to austerity and to work in a "progressive alliance" with the SNP and Plaid.

VIDEO: Hurd to PM: Don't be ashamed of education
Douglas Hurd recalls Bosnia, a failed bid to lead his party and the UK, and advice to David Cameron on his education.

VIDEO: Tory MP on defence: Nothing else matters
UK defences are already "down to the bare minimum" says an MP amid reports that the Tories may cut defence spending.

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VIDEO: Scotland election battle 'wide open'
Labour is vowing to "fight every step of the way" in Scotland despite polling suggesting the party could face a near wipe-out at the hands of the Scottish National Party.

VIDEO: 'Chaos and confusion' over TV debates
Political parties have been "locked out of the discussions" over leaders' election debates, says Grant Shapps.

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