Prisons overhaul to be unveiled by PM
David Cameron is to set out a major overhaul of how prisons in England and Wales are run, in a speech billed as the first on prisons by a British PM for 20 years.

Tenants 'will be priced out of homes'
Plans to make better-off social housing tenants in England pay more rent could force thousands out of their areas, according to new research.

Brittan abuse inquiry 'fully justified'
The Met Police investigation of a rape allegation against the late Lord Brittan was "fully justified", a review by a senior officer from another force says.

Benefit brake 'could boost migration'
David Cameron's EU benefit plans could cause a surge in migration before the "emergency brake" is applied, Tory eurosceptics warn.

Doctors' union irresponsible - Hunt
The health secretary and union leaders clash ahead of another junior doctors' strike, in a long-running dispute over pay and working hours.

Jail 'rethink' over mothers with babies
The PM calls for a rethink of the prison system in England and Wales as figures show 100 babies spent time behind bars with their mothers last year.

Sugar tax 'not taken off the table'
The prime minister "has not taken a sugar tax off the table", Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells the BBC.

Kinnock sees Euro scepticism shift
Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock likens Euro scepticism in the Conservative party to Enoch Powell "winning the argument from his grave".

Scots 'Better In EU' chairwoman named
A Scottish-based campaign to keep the UK in the EU names Prof Mona Siddiqui as the chairwoman of its advisory group.

PM faces grassroots anger over EU vote
Dozens of Tory members accuse David Cameron of showing disrespect to the party's grassroots after he told MPs to disregard their views on Europe.

MPs challenge 'unclear' bank tax rules
Chancellor George Osborne is asked to clarify whether banks can use the cost of fines for wrongdoing to reduce the amount of tax they pay.

Legacy issues need 'British involvement'
The SDLP leader says there needs to be more involvement from the British government over the way legacy investigations are funded.

A tour of the Northern Ireland Assembly at Stormont.

Crunch talks on Holyrood finance
Crunch talks between the Scottish government and the Treasury on the financial arrangements to accompany the Scotland Bill will resume later.

BBC Democracy Live takes you on a tour of the Scottish Parliament.

Lib Dem 'wipe-out predictions wrong'
The Liberal Democrats will confound predictions that they could lose all of their AMs in May's assembly election, the party's Welsh leader insists.

A guide to the National Assembly for Wales.

Budget: The East Midlands reacts
Who are the Budget winners and losers in the East Midlands?

Pre-election Budget with added catapult
A pre-election Budget, but will the catapult energise the Midlands?

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VIDEO: Hunt blamed for doctors' low morale
Jeremy Hunt acknowledged junior doctors' low morale but told Andrew Marr that the BMA was to blame for their concerns over contracts

VIDEO: Politicians dream of Eurovision stardom
The MP Pete Wishart reveals his ambition to perform in the Eurovision Song Contest as part of MP4, the world's only parliamentary band.

VIDEO: 'Biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945'
Syria's civil war is the "biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945", Gordon Brown claims, ahead of a conference seeking more financial help for those affected.

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